Friday, December 27, 2013

Family Time and Holidays!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I realize I'm a couple days late, but this is what happens when you are partyin' hard with the fam and enjoying Christmas.

You know, I've heard a couple times this season something along the following lines, "It's the holidays, you're supposed to let yourself go," or "Just stuff yourself. Eat the bad things!"

Anyone have a familiar scripture come to mind? "Eat, drink, and be merry . . ." Now, we may not all be dying tomorrow, but why do we want to wreck ourselves for two weeks only to have to work our butts off (and give up after) three weeks in January?

Chocolate-Orange CakeI'm happy to say that my week was chock full of the most delicious food...decadent, sweet, rich, and absolutely healthy. For our Christmas meal we stuffed ourselves with vegan sausages (the one "cheat" we allowed ourselves), veggie sushi, enchilada lasagna, and then to top it off, I made a Chocolate Orange bundt cake that is rich, so amazing, and worth making twice in one weekend. The recipe for it is right here! I only used whole wheat flour, instead of the soy yogurt I used coconut milk yogurt, and instead of the two icings, we topped it with Vanilla Bean Almond Milk Ice Cream:) Fat FREE, and amazing.

Over the week we ate hummus, veggies (our two dogs even snacked on carrots with me for a couple hours), pomegranates, vegan pumpkin cake, and the BEST vegan sweet potato pie that I've ever had! Recipe for it is here. I've become a massive sweet potato pie fan over the last ten years, and watching three seasons of Duck Dynasty had me in the MOOD! I'd nix the nutmeg and cloves next time so the flavor of the sweet potatoes comes through a little stronger, but it's still amazing.

Usually my family eats until we feel sick, just brushing it off as our "right" to do so because it's the holidays. But let me encourage's never too late to eat healthy! It's never too late to take care of the body that God is lending to you:) Even when it's the holidays!

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