Friday, December 20, 2013

Guinea Pigs

A few days ago, my co-worker, Scott, came to ask me if eggs are allowed on my "diet." I smiled and replied "no." So he continued to ask me what kinds of things I can eat for Breakfast. I told him what I normally eat for breakfast (Rip's Big Breakfast Bowl...I'll have to give the "recipe" another day!), and then I finally got to the point of all his questioning. He was planning a Christmas Breakfast for everyone in the marketing department as his Christmas gift, but he didn't know what to make for a "hippie" like me and one of my other co-workers.

I looked at him and I said, "Well, why don't I make something? That way it'll be plant based and a bunch of people can have some if they want."

"You wanna tag-team it?" he asked.

"We'll do the breakfast gift together," we both finally agreed.

Of course, the first book I went to was...yes, you guessed it. The Happy Herbivore ( favorite book...and she's got like three others I want!). Since Scott had mentioned somewhere in the conversation that he'd thought about breakfast burritos, I looked up Lindsay's Plant-based breakfast burritos made with tofu scramble.

Okay, I can already see your nose cringing at the word "tofu." Most people's do. In fact, my sweet cousin once refused to eat a cupcake when she heard that the frosting was made of tofu (actually, I think she took a bite, found out it was tofu, and then claimed that she hated it).

Last night I got to work. I bought the tofu, the veggies, and the tortillas, and then went to work. All in all it took me about twenty minutes to make and I even doubled the recipe. After I finished, I put it (and some homemade vegan chorizo made out of Veggie Protein), into my crockpot and kept it warmed overnight. Next morning, I put everything in my car and went to work to get set up.

Scott's wife had made three massive breakfast casseroles made of eggs, cheese, and meat (triple threat!), and I set my healthy tofu scramble on the table next to them. When the time came to call in the troops, only a few people knew what I actually brought. I tried to keep my mouth shut about what was in it until people asked about it;)

I'm proud to say...that I only had two breakfast burritos...and the entire crockpot of tofu scramble got eaten. Yup. My second test run of plant-based foods on my co-workers was a success! I got a few jokes from people here and there, but in the end, everyone I think was pleasantly surprised that tofu could taste like eggs and make a REALLY good breakfast burrito.

I wanna thank them for being good sports!

Merry Christmas!

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