Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tastes Like Christmas!

This morning I got up way early and went with my good friend down to Salt Lake to get in stand-by for the MoTab Christmas Mini-Concert with Deborah Voigt and John Rhys Davis (which, by the way, it was so good!). After a couple hours of beautiful Christmas music, we drove home and I had just enough time to attend Sacrament.

After such a great Christmas-y day, I felt like I was ready to make the perfect  Christmas cookie. And boy, so I have the best recipe. Now, I'm going to put a disclaimer on this's a dessert...and it does have oil. Just don't eat it for three meals;)

But no soy, so nuts, no eggs!

This recipe comes from The Plant Powered Kitchen and the wonderful Dreena Burton. I've always been a huge fan of Gingerbread cookies, and the smell of ginger (I used FRESH), cinnamon, and molasses just filled my entire house!

These are soft, they're delish, and you'll never use another Gingerbread cookie recipe again! You can find the recipe here. I used whole wheat flour, and coconut sugar. Coconut sugar or Sucanat are both GREAT for spice desserts because they have that extra molasses taste to them.

I took this pic below as I munched on one of these soft cookies with a tart winter orange:) My beautiful Christmas tree is the perfect backdrop to this great Sunday Evening!

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