Friday, December 6, 2013

The Mormon Food Legacy??

Utah Mormons kind of have this culture going on. Come on, you know what I mean. Green Jello, the "Utah Poof," and the endless performances of young boys and girls spending more time and effort on ASKING someone on a date, than going on the actual date. And it cracks me up:)

In fact, recently, one of my co-workers who grew up in New York and is not LDS, posted this article on his Facebook Feed about what Utah Mormons should know about Non-Member Utahns. And I have to admit, I was partly cracking up because of the truthfulness of it, and partly horrified. And it was all because of #2.

2. We’re pretty good at potlucks, but we concede victory — you win. We are pretty creative when it comes to kale, quinoa, tubule and other exotics, but not so much when it comes to comfort food. You have perfected the meat, potatoes, cheese and dessert combos that make even a funeral a delightful culinary experience. And, the ward cookbooks are like secret food porn to foodies.

That's what we're known for? Meat, Cheese, and Desserts? The people who were given the Word of Wisdom back in the 1800s and THAT'S what we're choosing to feed ourselves? Even the non-members recognize it. And yes, he's speaking humorously in a very jealous way because, I'll admit it...I LOVE funeral potatoes. Sour cream, cheddar cheese, and crumbled deep-fried potato chips. What's not to like?

But, what are we thinking? Not that I want to turn this into a sermon and bring down hellfire and wrath upon your guilty consciences (THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!), but what is it saying to ourselves and to God when we get together for a meeting to have refreshments afterward, and it's Donuts? Or Ice Cream Sundaes? Or (as one of my old singles wards did) a potluck funeral potato bonanza (yes...there were probably 10 dishes of JUST funeral potatos to eat)?

How many times have we joked and laughed with each other saying, "Why are we even saying a blessing? They're FUNNEL CAKES!" Yes, yes, Heavenly Father, please bless this deep fried white flour dough nest that it might nourish and strengthen our bodies.......As he's looking down on us going, "Say whaaaat?"

Why can't we be known for coming up with the tastiest ways to prepare Quinoa? Or Millet? or a deep green Kale salad? Why can't we make a fruit salad without dumping Cool Whip (Hydrogenated Oil) all over it?

I say we change the legacy (Where's my Title of Food Liberty?)!! Change the sterotype and become the healthy people that the Word of Wisdom calls us to be! Can I get an "Amen?"


  1. While I was serving in YW I had quite the time trying to get actual food served, instead of treats, at activities. I totally agree with you Jernae, and I think your blog is awesome. I am happy to report and some of the other leaders jumped on board, but it took about 2 years of me being the "What can we bring besides dessert?" person before anything started to change. Baby steps right?

    1. I know what you mean, Heidi. I've seen my ward YW (I don't serve there), do dinner nights where the girls are taught to make different dinners. One of my friends came away so frustrated because she'd taught them this super delish and healthy meal and the girls barely ate it. So...not only have we made this our "culture" but now the upcoming generation doesn't even know how to eat healthy. It's scary. BUT, I'm super excited because I'm going to be making treats for my Activity Days girls this week...all Plant Based:) I'm not telling them a word about what's in them because if they found out that there were garbanzo beans in their cookies, they probably wouldn't even give them a chance!