Monday, December 9, 2013


When Kim and I watched Forks Over Knives (By the way, you can watch the video at this link now) and did a little more research it was easy to see what we needed to do.  But the biggest issue we had was, "What in the world will we eat?" I mean, every meal we had eaten was based around some kind of meat. It was the way we learned to do it, but I knew we could unlearn it if was right. So we set off.

Kim found this great article by Dr. Colin Campbell's foundation.  It helps you transition to a plant-based lifestyle.  It gives you 3 full weeks of menus with wonderful tasting foods with loads of variety.  You'll soon see you haven't gone without at all.

In your transition stage, don't be afraid to use the faux meats.  I don't think you should use them on a constant basis, as they contain processed foods and chemicals as any other convenience food, but they can certainly help you to transition.

Here's the LINK  to Dr. Colin Campbell's foundation's menu.

The more we ate this way, the more energy we had.  I just turned 50, my arthritis has gone away, and I lost 35 lbs. I recently had my cholesterol checked.  My number ... 135 down from 220.  I now eat all the food I want and never have to push myself away from the table, especially when I'm still hungry.  I feel like I'm in my 20s. I also walk 30 minutes a day on my treadmill.

Kim is 58 and he rides his bike to work every day.  He says that some days, on his way home, he feels like he is flying.  By the way, his way home is completely uphill. He recently had his cholesterol checked, as well.  His number ... 140 down from 198.  His summer allergies, that he has been plagued with since childhood, have significantly reduced. He has also struggled with insomnia, but since just changing our diet he sleeps like a baby ... every night.

Now the only question (about the diet) is "How in the world do I tailor my clothes to fit a skinnier me?" But I like that question.

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