Monday, January 6, 2014

Burrito Scramble

For Christmas this year, my soon to be daughter-in-law gave me a wonderful cookbook. We are fiercely going through some of the recipes. The book is called QUICK FIX VEGAN by Robin Robertson.  My son picked one from this cookbook for his recipe tonight and it took him about 10 minutes to put it together. TOFU BURRITO SCRAMBLE.

Now I know what you are thinking.  Don't judge before you try, because it was probably the best breakfast burrito I've ever had.  Here is a picture of my son, Jason, literally stuffing his mouth.

I think there are a couple of secrets I need to tell you.  We've found the best Tofu, for this type of dish that requires a block of extra firm, which you can purchase at Winco. The tofu is SUNRISE brand.  Now if for some reason this tofu isn't firm enough you can always freeze it, then defrost it in the refrigerator before you use. But I think you will find this tofu to work without  that extra process.

I did NOT saute the vegetables at the beginning in oil.  I find that you don't need to do that.  Just heat your pan and add water.  Onions saute great in water and you don't need the extra fat.  It's not the kind of fat your body needs anyway.  The fat you need should come from unprocessed seeds and nuts.  Anything else processed is not healthy.  YES, even olive oil.  And if you need a confirmation on that from doctor who really know, let me know and I'll get it for you.


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