Friday, January 17, 2014

Eat for your WHAT?

There's been a popular "fad" diet going around for years . . . and people STILL think it works despite the scientific research that proves otherwise. That diet, is the "Blood Type Diet." Don't know what it is? Well, it's just what it says. You eat different foods based on your blood type. One of the most recent of the studies done on this diet (and they ALL come to the same conclusion), was done by the University of Toronto and they found that it's essentially bologna. Tripe. Bull. Hogwash. And any other cockamamie words you can come up with.

You can find the article on the study here.
     And another article here.
            And another one here.
                           And while we're at it...another one, here.

The real key? Eat healthy. We should be getting between 7-12 fruits and veggies in our diet PER DAY. Most people can barely boast three. Even if you're on the fence (or still thinking there's no way in H.E. Jell0 Hockey Sticks that you'd ever give up meat) about a plant based diet, I always urge people to get more. More fruits. More vegetables. More immune system-boosting foods.

I've watched people drop like flies (and actually read some pretty unfortunate articles about people actually passing away) because of the recent colds and flu viruses sweeping across the country.

It's time to get healthy! Fix your body!
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