Saturday, January 4, 2014

Poor Diet = Spawn of Satan?

Let's be honest, I try to keep my blog titles catchy and interesting;) But, there are some truths to them. Today I watched a lecture by Dr. John McDougall (LOVE him--actually, I'll just put this out there right now, I love ALL the Plant-Based doctors) focused on how the Western Diet (even counting the "healthy" Western Diet with lean meats and low-fat dairy) affects both pregnant women, and children.

Not that I want this video to be a scare tactic to get any of you readers to start eating right (fear doesn't move people and HOLD people as much as happiness and peace does), but in this video, Dr. McDougall talks about how the Western Diet with meat and dairy has caused a decrease in the onstart ages of puberty in children. Meaning, 100 years ago, boys and girls went through puberty at ages 15-20. Fifty years ago, children went through puberty at ages 13-16. Now?

Children (boys and girls) are going through puberty at ages 5-10. Tiny children who should be playing, getting knee scrapes, playing with Transformer toys, baseball, dolls,  you name it....and at ages as young as 3 (yes, some children have started puberty as young as 3) are having strong sexual urges because their bodies are going through puberty. Children, who aren't even accountable for their actions or desire yet...are being subjected to sexual feelings.

I just can't help but see that Satan is using a covert tool to destroy families. We can talk about the symptoms of pornography in children (I've seen multiple articles of young boys indulging in Porn before the age of 12), but I see a major problem. This is something we need to fix.

I encourage everyone to watch this video. It's an hour long, but completely worth it!!

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