Monday, January 27, 2014


I want one. A Veggie T. A T-shirt that yells to the world, "I LOVE VEGGIES!" but still looks classy and fun. Not cheesy and ugly. So, first of all, I really REALLY want one of these (just in case anyone needs a B-day gift idea for me, I wear a men's size small--click on the image to go to the Etsy Shop):

lettuce turnip the beet - heather grey vneck - men's XS, S, M, L, or XL - custom order

But, I've been thinking, what if . . . hear me out . . . there were Veggie Mormon Ts??? Is that nuts!? I'm thinking that having some screen printed for purchase might be fun (on a made-to-order basis). Since I'm just throwing around this idea, here's a few of the lines I've come up with that might be fun:

Lettuce All Cress On
Apple Go, Apple Do
ETR (Eat The Right)

Not going to lie, it was tough coming up with those. I also came up with a few that might be fun on a non-religious basis:

Chive Talkin’
Apple Always Love You
Beet It
I’m Kind of Big Dill
Lettuce Live
Lettuce Love

Eh? Eh? What other fun Veggie-Lines could you come up with?? And here's a design I kind of mocked up:

P.S. I know . . . I'm a nerd:)