Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cookie Dough Monster

I've never been a huge cookie dough eater.

Until now.

I'm always on the lookout for good dessert substitutes. Most of the time I reach for a piece of fruit... other times I need something a little harder:)

Chocolate Covered Katie
I found the original Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough recipe here on Chocolate Covered Katie's website and blog. First of all, I could get stuck making her desserts all freaking' day long if I didn't have, you know, a job, or a life.

What brought me to this recipe was my co-worker. He approached me and another co-worker one day and told us that he was at a loss as to what to get for his pregnant wife for her birthday. When he added that he wasn't allowed to buy the present, one thing led to another. Homemade dinner, homemade ice cream, and cookie dough. But, with his wife being pregnant, he didn't dare risk the salmonella in raw eggs.

I grinned.

"You can make egg-less healthy cookie dough, you know," I said. He was skeptical, but when I promised him it would taste exactly the same, he asked for me to send him the recipe. The only problem was that...I didn't have a recipe... and I'd never made healthy cookie dough before. But, I was so confident in my diet that I'd made the promise. I immediately got on Pinterest and searched for "healthy cookie dough" and the first result was Katie's cookie dough.

When I sent the recipe to him I told him the same thing I'm gonna tell you... don't be afraid of the ingredients. You eat all of these things all the time, but you've never eaten them this way.

I had to go home immediately after work to make it myself and make sure I hadn't lied.

I hadn't. In fact, I've made it a lot. A lot.

And when I ran out of dark chocolate dairy-free chips...I wondered if there were other healthy cookie dough varieties. I was so in luck:)

I love oats. I love raisins. I love Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough. You can check out the recipe.

If you're wondering what to eat these fabulous cookie dough dips with, here are some suggestions:

  • don't need anything else, pick up a spoon and go to town.
  • Apples are fabulous!
  • For you processed food cheaters, graham crackers are a hit.
  • Strawberries!
  • Pretty much any fruit you want.
When I made each of these, I didn't use as much sweetener (I'm a WFPB eater of honey and maple syrup), and when I made the oatmeal dough I didn't use apple sauce, I just added a little almond milk to thin it out.

But either way... these are SO good. You'll thank me!

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