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  1. Jernae,
    I have wanted to become vegan forever, however I have fears about cutting my protien intake THAT much, how do you ensure you are getting your protien and do you take supplements? I think a lot of the weight loss vegan's experience is muscle mass loss d/t decreased protien intake..... This is not something I want.

    1. I'm so glad you asked! 'Cause guess what? *looks both ways* You don't cut protein out of a plant-based lifestyle. You cut animal protein. People don't realize how much protein is in grains, plants, and legumes. So, I'll write a post on this tomorrow for you!

    2. Speaking from a biology standpoint, all living things use proteins to accomplish their every day tasks. Proteins are just amino acids that our bodies have strung together and folded in a particular way. Without proteins, there would be no life. Plants and animals use them (even bacteria!). These proteins are at a cellular level. Plants are made of cells and must use amino acids to create proteins in order to perform their cellular tasks as well as animals. Because of this, the misconception that we are protein-deficient by being vegan/vegetarian is just that: a misconception. By being vegan/vegetarian, we can get all of the protein we need by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. The only thing we cannot get from our diet is vitamin B-12, which is readily accessible in supplement form. (In case you want to read more about it: http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/105/25/e197.full)

    3. Thanks, Haylie!!! It's always nice having a vegetarian science buff give another opinion;)

  2. Hey Jernae, I do have a question about the "things to eat" part of the WoW, and this really doesn't have to do with whether it's ok to eat meat or not, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. The WoW says that plants and the fruits of the vine are good, but to use them with prudence and thanksgiving. Prudence means "caution, wisdom", and I wonder if that isn't referring to the GMOs and pesticides that are such an issue in our day. You probably won't run out of vegan-related topics anytime soon, but there's an idea if you're interested. :)

    Also, you did post an article on digestion today, but I'd love to see something more specifically about the bio availability of plant nutrients to humans. I've read all kinds of things about how it's still difficult to get adequate amounts of all the essential amino acids from plants, that humans have a hard time absorbing fat-soluble vitamins from plants, that a lot of people and men especially can't absorb plant-based omega 3's, things like that. What do you think?